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Foot & Ankle Pain

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Feet carry our body weight and pain can be debilitating. Imagine pain with every step you take and getting worse just by walking. Foot pain may be due to structural abnormalities or nerve irritation.

Most patients that see Dr. Kalava have already seen orhthopedic surgeons/podiatrists. The surgeons have taken care of any structural abnormality and if pain persists despite correction of the structural abnormality, pain tends to be due to nerve irritation.

There are 5 nerves that sense pain in the foot and ankle area: 1. Posterior Tibial 2. Sural 3. Saphenous 4. Superficial Peroneal & 5. Deep Peroneal.

Ultrasound of Nerves: Picture 1=Deep Peroneal; Picture 2=Posterior Tibial; Picture 3= Sural; Picture 4=Saphenous

Steps in Diagnosing & Managing your Foot Pain:

  1. Clinical Examination

  2. Diagnostic Nerve Block(Ultrasound Guided): To identify which nerve is irritated

  3. Therapeutic Options: Radio Frequency Ablation/Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (http://stimwave.com/mobile/)

Dr. Kalava is the only physician in Florida who can treat Foot & Ankle Pain from nerve irritation by using his exceptional ultrasound skills.

Unlike regular pain doctors, Dr. Kalava only focuses on extremities, joints, pelvic and truncal pain and only utilizes ultrasound to perform any required procedures eliminating harmful radiation (X-ray) exposure.