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There are many causes for Knee pain. Patients who typically come to Breakthru Clinic have already seen an orthopedic surgeon and have exhausted all available options. Patients have had Patellar Tendon Repair or Knee arthroscopy or Knee replacement and continue to have pain despite surgery or are deemed not to be candidates for surgery.

What are the main nerves that sense pain in the knee?

  • Saphenous nerve

  • Genicular nerve

  • Femoral nerve

  • Sciatic nerve

Steps in Diagnosing & Managing your Knee Pain:

  1. Clinical Examination

  2. Diagnostic Nerve Block(Ultrasound Guided): To identify which nerve is irritated

  3. Therapeutic Options: Radio Frequency Ablation (https://www.mycoolief.com/)/Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (https://stimrouter.com/)

Dr. Kalava focuses on extremities, joints, pelvic and truncal pain and utilizes ultrasound guidance to perform any required procedures, eliminating harmful radiation (X-ray) exposure.