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Treatment of Phantom Pain

Until recently phantom limb pain and stump pain have been difficult to control, all this changed once FDA approved Percutaneous (under the skin) Peripheral Nerve Stimulators (PNS).

What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

Peripheral nerve stimulation, frequently referred to as PNS, is a commonly used approach to treat sub-acute and chronic pain. It involves placement of small electrical device (a wire-like electrode) next to one of the peripheral nerves. (These are the nerves that are located beyond the brain or spinal cord). The electrode delivers rapid electrical pulses that are felt like mild tingles during the testing period (trial). The electrode is connected to an external device, and if the trial is successful, the wire like electrode is implanted under the skin near the nerve. A generator is worn over the skin to generate electricity. The patient is able to control stimulation by turning the device on and off and adjusting stimulation parameters as needed.

Why choose Breakthru Clinic?

Dr. Kalava is one of the very few physicians in Florida who specialize in placement and management of PNS. We pride in using ultrasound guidance and thus eliminating any exposure to harmful radiation (X-Ray). These procedures are done in the office and sometimes need mild sedation to perform. PNS can successfully achieve >50% reduction in pain and improve functionality and lead to better quality of life

What are the main nerves that sense pain?

Upper Limb: A nerve can either individually or collectively be responsible for pain.

  • Radial

  • Ulnar

  • Median Nerve

Lower Limb: A nerve can either individually or collectively be responsible for pain.

  • Femoral Nerve

  • Sciatic Nerve

What is the insurance coverage?

Medicare, Aetna, and some private insurances fully cover peripheral nerve stimulation.

Steps in Diagnosing & Managing your Phantom/Stump Pain:

  1. Clinical Examination

  2. Diagnostic Nerve Block(Ultrasound Guided): To identify which nerve is causing pain or responsible for symptoms and also to ascertain whether this is centrally mediated or peripherally mediated.

  3. Therapeutic Options: Radio Frequency Ablation (https://www.mycoolief.com/)/Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (https://stimrouter.com/ or http://stimwave.com/mobile/)

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